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Process industrialization and industrial risk management, support from the laboratory to production.

3 Essential levels

1/ Development

2/ Industrial transposition

3/ Industrial production

How do we workwith you?


We work on behalf of our customers, so your project is the starting point for our collaboration. We listen to your needs and constraints and work closely with your teams.


Together we define the specifications (technical, regulatory and economic aspects), mentioning the different stages and key points of our partnership, as well as the delivery deadlines.


In our laboratories, with the support of your teams, we look for the best formula to meet your needs. Scaling up allows for rapid adjustment of the technical and analytical parameters of the process under development. It leads to an industrial pilot


Is your idea suitable for industrial production? Our teams study the feasibility of the large scale production of your unique extracts and ingredients. We validate the robustness of the process, the conformity of the extract obtained and its cost.
Qualification/Compliance of pilot batches
If the process is deemed robust, the final specifications are signed with the customer.


In complete confidentiality with the highest safety and quality standards, we start the production and deliver the desired quantities to you.


Throughout the life cycle of the project and the product extract we will propose process improvements, if we deem them relevant from a technical, economic or regulatory point of view. These developments will of course only be implemented with the agreement of our customer and will be subject to qualification.
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